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Santorini beaches

The Red Beach
The Red Beach

Volcanic island, Santorini has a horseshoe-shape: the interior side is a 400 m steep slope, while on the opposite, the outer side is a gentle downward slope to the sea, giving life to many beaches:

- Kamari, Red Beach, Monolithos, Perissa, Perivolos and Mesa Pigadia.

The first one is about 4,5 km long and 200 m large, it is a black beach totally covered with pebbles, gradually thickening towards the sea.

The sea in Kamari has a livid look because of a sedimented deep sea bed that let you swim near the shore.

The promenade is full of bars, restaurants, shops, minimarkets, ouzerie and gyros takeaways.

The Red Beach is located south in a large inlet originated by the erosion and the sliding of the mountain behind.

The beach is dark-red somewhere in the area, while its high red in many other points. Along with the crystal clear sea it offers a very unique sight.

The great beauty of the Red Beach is also due to toughness to reach it, by climbing a small hill, through an impervious path, along the mountain by the sea side, ... a thrilling walk with a guaranteed reward!

Monolithos beach is located in the east side of the island, north from Kamari.
Despite the volcanic origins of Santorini, it has a beautiful sandy beach and a downward slope less sudden than other places.
The sea bed is not deep and it allows you to walk in the sea water for many meters.

The village was named (monolithos in Greek stands for one rock) after the solitary rocky outcrop and the soaring smokestack of the tomato paste plant. So it looks like a desolate and arid area.

Nevertheless, the sandy beach is well organized with chalets, Hotels, beach bar, umbrellas and tavern. It is also populated by young people enjoying sea sports. Some areas on Monolithos beach are dedicated to naturists.

A well know beach located south is Perissa.

It is the third most important, populated and famous village of the island. The town centre is full of bars, restaurants, tavernas, tourist agencies, car and scooter rentals, discos, campings and much more.

Perissa can also boast the longest seafront of the island, connecting Perissa to Perivolos. Consequently the two villages have both beaches with pebbles and a very deep sea bed close to the shore.

However there are various beach activities: Perissa, more quiet, is populated with families and small groups of young people enjoying bars, restaurants and campings.

Perivolos, on the other hand, is mostly populated by young people who wish to enjoy dancing even in the afternoon and for those how want mainly to take "moonbathing" ... however there are exceptions.

Perivolos beach offers: water sports (ski, scooter, free diving), beach volley, tavernas, bars and chalets on the beach where people enjoy dancing all day long until late at night.

Poles apart is the beach of Mesa Pigadia located in the proximity of the Lighthouse, in the southern edge of Santorini.

It is a very small inlet with a nice and quiet beach covered with large black pebbles. The sea water is much more clear and bright than other areas.
The beach is enough organised, even if it's a bit isolated and almost unknown.

Therefore it's the preferred destination for those who love the quiet of nature.

Among the seaside villages worth a visit, we recommend: Ammoudi, in the north of the island, at the feet of Oia; Vlihada, located south, towards Akrotori.

Kamari Beach
View of Kamari beach in the late 80s
View of Kamari
Kamari beach at the beginning of summer - pic shoot from Ancient Thira
View of Kamari from Ancient Thira
Kamari nowadays
Bathing resort in Ammoudi where there are many tourist boats

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