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Disclaimer - Terms and Conditions of the service

Disclaimer - Terms and Conditions of the service
"Greece Web Travel di Galatola Ugo", owning and managing the website SantoriniGrecit.IT and its English version present on, declines any responsibility for publicized content on the present and or third party website accessible via links present within webpages. The intent of third party link insertions within the website is to simplify the research process and the access of information, while used solely by the visitor’s initiative.

SantoriniGrecia.IT and In-Santorini.COM are for promotional and advertising purposes related to restaurants/tavernas, present on the website with "coupons", travel agencies for rentals and tours, and hotel accommodations present on the website with the logo “my preferred Hotel” and do not in any way, directly or indirectly, online or offline, provide the organization of vacations or act as an intermediary. SantoriniGrecia.IT and In-Santorni.COM are not in any way responsible for the content or lack of publicized on the single properties webpage within the link “my preferred Hotel”.

Not acting as an intermediary during the reservation process between visitors and the hotels advertised on the website under “my preferred Hotel”, SantoriniGrecia.IT and In-Santorini.COM do not assume any responsibility relative to the services rendered by each property. SantoriniGrecia.IT and In-Santorni.COM are to be considered excluded from any contract agreement between the visitors and hotels providing accommodations.

Clients navigating and requesting and or sending information directly to the hotels mentioned within the “my preferred Hotel” logo accept the present Termini e Condizioni ed authorize the use of personal data in conformance with all privacy laws within article 196/03.

In this regard, Greece Web Travel can not be held responsible, directly or indirectly, online or offline, for the accommodation arrangements and for errors, inaccuracies or omissions made by the management of the advertised properties, and nor in the case of sudden and unexpected changes - made by greek public authorities or private companies - with regards to all information transmitted via these websites or via any other means of communication.

SantoriniGrecia.IT and In-Santorini.COM are exempt from all legislative terms and declines any responsibility direct and indirect in relation to users and any third parties for delays, imprecise or omitted information, damages (direct, indirect, consequential, punishable and or sanctioned) derived from contents included but not limited to, the continued service, the presence of errors, the correction of errors, the responsibility of the server provider, the presence of virus on related links, or other informative components which may be damaging.

SantoriniGrecia.IT and Santorini.COM are not responsible for the correctness and reliability of the content of information. In no case, including negligence, SantoriniGrecia.IT and In-Santorini.COM are responsible directly or indirectly for damages that may result from the use of, or inability to use the present materials within the websites and

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