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Restaurants in Santorini

A restaurant in Santorini
A restaurant in Santorini

Greek food and cook, being based on the mediterranean diet, is very close to the italian cuisine (with some differences). Also in Greece you can easily find many dishes containing oil of olive and spices like mint, rosemary, oregano and thyme dressing fish and vegetables.

It's an age-old cooking excelling in tradition and quality with its 25 Centuries.

The greek "souvlaki" it's surely the most famous food, the "pita" one, dressing various sauces, it's without any doubt unique!
The same for the "gyros pita".
It's roast pork served with tomatoes, chips, onions, tzatziki (that is a sauce of cucumbers, garlic and yoghurt) and a flat unleavened bread called "pita".

Among greek specialities it's worth including: moussaka, pastiso, souvlaki (fish or meat kebab), kokoretsi, ghiouvetsi, keftedes, dolmades (a roll of grapevine leaves), kalamarakia, grilled octopus and shrimps, sword fish, ect.

Among world famous greek sauces and yoghurts we recommend: tzatziki, skordalià, taramosalata, melitzanosalata, etc.
We suggest you to try these sauces as starters with black olives, pickles, anchovies, salami, rice or minced meat roll ... in one word the "mezedes" appetizer.

Greek cheese: feta, kasseri, manouri, ladotiri, chloro, metsovone, yaourti (better known as the greek yoghurt).

The probability to eat a quality food in Santorini that is worth the money, in a comfortable ambience, is not rare.

Of course, being an island, all restaurants menu have fish cooked in different ways: grilled, fried, steamed and as first course.

At this stage the question is: where to eat in Santorini?

The island is rich in restaurants of all categories, overlooking the sea, the Caldera or the surrounding villages ... many are the traditional fish tavernas not overpriced and serving good quality food, all you need to do is to check the smallest bays and seaside towns of Santorini.

Browse the section "Restaurants" and find out the best value for money tavernas, where to eat good food, which hotel's restaurant offers high quality fish, a list of restaurants in the villages of Santorini, useful addresses to book online your hotel and restaurant on the island of Santorini, traditional dishes of the island, wineries and wine in Santorini, and much more ...

Caldera view from the terrace of a traditional restaurant
Caldera view from the terrace of a traditional restaurant
The grilled fish is a traditional food of Santorini - we recommend to taste it in one of the traditional tavernas of the island (better at the port of Oia)
Grilled fish at the port
Traditional greek taverns in Santorini, at Ammoudi port
Taverne ad Oia

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