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Santorini: what to do and what to see

What Santorini is offering

In the excursions section of this website, we recommend four different island hikes the most beautiful. Undoubtedly the best advice is to make sure you have a tour reservation in advance (due to the high demand) and to ensure you have selected a quality map. This way you can take off on your own island adventures, discovering the beautiful views at your own speed.


Take into consideration a few of the special characteristics of the Santorini beaches: some areas are considered other-worldy (some say like the face of the moon), many are sand beaches, others stone, still others black, white, and red sand...then there is the Volcano To Ifestio with natural hot springs. The water becomes deep near the shore, creating the characteristic vivid blue, clear color. The best beaches are Perissa, Perivolos, Ammoudi, Viychada, Monolithos, Kamari...and many others.

Entertainment and Nightlife:

Santorini's Nightlife
is without doubt unforgettable some of the best parties are at Fira and Kamari. Fira's main square is the most common meeting place; if you lose our friends during the wild night, you find them again at the square when the bars close. Your night out might start with a cold cocktail on the volcano's caldera where you can ponder the sunset, or on the beach after a long day swimming in the sea ... most continue their journey by bar hopping until the morning light. You will find bars and dance clubs in many other towns, especially on the beaches of Kamari, Perivolos and Perissa. Some theme parties are organized by the dance clubs...where to go? Some of the best of Santorini include: Koo Club, Fira - Enigma, Fira - Doom, Kamari - Franco's Bar, Fira - Casablanca Soul, Fira - Club 33, Fira - Hook Bar, Kamari - Chilli Beach Bar, Perivolos - Mojito Cafe, Karterados - Oia's Cafe Gallery, Ia - Yazz Beach Bar, Perissa.

Sunset in Santorini

Santorini is without doubt most known for its unique lava-formed landscape. It is also famous for its black sand beaches, and dramatic cliff-lined coasts where one can admire the famous whitewashed houses built into the rocks. The volcanic Caldera will take your breath away. Santorini will undoubtedly provide you with a unforgettable experience that connects you with nature, and the mystery of the sea. Santorini's sunsets from Oia is ONE OF A KIND!

History and Culture:

It's right there, hidden within the Akrotiri ruins: the cape of Atlantis... The remains of such an advanced society that it managed to remain untouched by the sinking of most of the island, leaving its remarkable footprint for future generations to admire...between myth, history, and nature.

... the Santorini cuisine is simple, but of excellent taste. Local dishes include meat and fish dishes prepared traditionally. Gourmet Restaurants, that use creative and high-tech processes, make exquisite dishes of the highest quality. It is not hard to identify the best restaurants within the most popular whitewashed Santorini towns. The particular low-growing vineyards create a unique white, red, and rose wine...not to mention the fine vino santo dessert wines. The arid climate, wind, and sun create an exquisite bouquet. An afternoon is well-spent wine tasting at the many local vineyards and wineries.

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Santorini Island